Yahoo's favourite French alps snowboarding run.

Catch the cable car from Chamonix to the top of the peak on the right of this photo then walk across the bridge to the main mountain. Proceed through tunnel carved through the rock and ice cave then carefully climb down along the ridge at the centre of the photograph. If you haven't slipped and fallen thousands of metres to an ugly death you will be at the top of the Vallée Blanche. This is the only access but it's worth it because now you have 17km of wild glacier to snowboard which drops 10,000 vertical feet. At the bottom check out the chocolate shops in Mejève.

Lesson 1 - equipment

Should you carve a surfboard from:

a) an ancient, rare tree species.
b) a koala bear, or
c) a parrot?

Warning: Never surf the net without a legrope.

Coming soon - Yahoo talks about waxing:

1. surfboard
2. legs
3. lyrical


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