Peanut Serious, co-star of Mr Accident, is currently undergoing therapy for addiction to sports on television (a common Australian affliction). She sits too close to the sub-woofer.


Yahoo and Ovuru (New Guinea chief and one of the last living Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels who rescued wounded Australian soldiers from the Japanese on the Kokoda Track in 1942).


Children living along the Kokoda Track are the happiest kids you'll find anywhere.


Yahoo photographs a short Osama hiding out inside a hut high in the Owen Stanley Ranges of New Guinea (the cradle of absurd t-shirts).


Yahoo photographs veterans of the 2/14th Battalion and 39th Battalion opening the war memorial at Isurava on the Kokoda Track. At this site in August 1942, overwhelmingly outnumbered and outgunned, a ragged bunch of soldiers fought a fierce battle as part of the Kokoda Track campaign that stopped the Japanese invasion of Australia. It's a little known fact that Australians in New Guinea were the first soldiers to defeat the Japanese Army in the Second World War.


Serious Investment Tip

"Buy peanut butter and spread your investment over the full tax year."





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