YAHOO! He's back. Yahoo Serious returns to the big screen in this moral tale and epic comedy adventure about Australia's greatest outlaw and only enduring hero, Ned Kelly.

He's a biker, a bank robber, a lover, a fly killer, a champion of multiculturalism, an environmentalist, and a video rental addict. Ned Kelly (Yahoo Serious - Young Einstein) is the last of the once great bank-robbing Kelly gang. But times have changed. These days Ned knocks off ATMs. Then demanding bank service at gunpoint he re-deposits the money into the bank accounts of the poor.

Monarchist and bank executive Sir John (Hugo Weaving - The Matrix, Priscilla Queen of the Desert) hires English mercenary Wib (Alexei Sayle - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Gorky Park) to rid Australia of Ned. Sir John devises a brilliant economic rationalist scheme to sell off Australia's most beautiful national park. He plans to tow the sacred Aboriginal island (the Kelly Gang's hideout) to Tokyo Bay in Japan and develop it as a wilderness tourist attraction.

Vulnerable to Hollywood's publicity machine, naive Ned reasons his pin-up girl 'The Hollywood Outlaw' (actually a transvestite) could help him rob American banks and buy back his island. Ned ventures from the 'honest' Outback to the funny-flakey-fabulous world of Hollywood. Accidentally becoming a straight-to-video-B-grade movie star, Ned Kelly is an instant box office hit as the Shakespeare-reciting, bible-bashing, gun-loving Christian Cowboy. With "the biggest goddamn gun in Hollywood", the Christian Cowboy cleans up the sins of Las Vegas and falls in love with a beautiful sex-crazed nun, Robin Banks (Melora Hardin).

As Sir John bankrupts Ned's Hollywood studio and takes over his wilderness island, Wib sends fame-crazed fan Ernie (Martin Ferrero - Jurassic Park) to kill Ned.

Serious satire explodes as Ned 'Reckless' Kelly realises "guns are not the solution to anything, they're the problem". Heavily armoured but foolishly unarmed and in the face of 10,000 bullets, Ned must make his historic last stand at the 'Glenrowan Hotel and Video Rental'.

Can a gunless hero save his family's wilderness home, the girl he desires and the video store he loves? Yahoo gets into serious action in this Reckless Australian comedy about a nation's hero who unfortunately becomes a Hollywood movie star.

This film is dedicated to the irreverent spirit of a great Australian outlaw who championed the rights of the individual against the oppression of authority.

Ned Kelly
Born - 1855
Hanged - 1880


* No fly was harmed during the making of this motion picture.







Mr Serious wrote, directed and starred in Reckless Kelly the comedic adventures of Ned Kelly - the legendary Australian outlaw who accidentally becomes a Hollywood movie star. Produced by Yahoo and Warwick Ross it was filmed on location in Port Stephens, Sydney, the Australian Outback, Hollywood and Las Vegas. Reckless Kelly was the most popular film at the Australian box office on its release at Easter 1993. Like Young Einstein, it was distributed internationally by Warner Bros. Reckless Kelly champions environmental issues, a new Australian flag, Aboriginal heritage and land rights. It celebrates multiculturalism, while satirising gun-obsessed Hollywood movies and fame.

- The Bulletin Magazine

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