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The Kangaroo

The Kangaroo can symbolise one country only, Australia. It is a timeless, emotive and non-divisive emblem that unites the diversified races which make up the Australian people. The kangaroo is internationally recognised and loved. Over the past two centuries it has earned its place as the one enduring, culturally universal symbol of Australia in sport, commerce, the armed forces, tourism and the arts. As with any symbol, done badly it's cheap and jingoistic. But designed with style, the kangeroo symbol represents the Australian spirit. Like no other symbol, it carries with it an unspoken emotional reasonance with all Australians of all ages.

The Design

The new All Australian flag is designed to be classic and lasting, not bound to the whims of fashion. Its dynamic form is fresh and unique yet has the quality of feeling familiar. Our kangaroo element is a totally new design, significantly different from other examples such as Qantas or our dollar coin. It rises proudly from the band across the base of the flag which symbolises our vast Australian continent.


The new All Australian flag retains the red, white and blue of our current flag and adds one more colour, our "sporting" gold. The gold of the kangaroo, together with the red of the base band representing the great red Australian continent, is in harmony with the Aboriginal flag and acknowledges the spirit and history of our land for all Australians. The all blue background of the sky is accented by the pinstripe white band, allowing the flag to be reproduced perfectly in black and white with no loss of impact to its symbols.