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The Australian people deserve an all Australian flag, an enduring symbol, created to express the spirit of all Australians. If we don't evolve from our past into who we have become, then we head into our future under a symbol which represents only some Australians. Our flag can be all things to all Australians. This new flag is offered not necessarily as an absolute end result but as a proud and enthusiastic step towards a a positive change which is long overdue.

- Yahoo Serious
Australia Day 2000


The Beginning.

While the Union Jack in the corner of our Australian flag may have represented what we were; a colonial nation born in part of England, it no longer represents what we are today. Australians are from diversified cultures, the descendants of immigrants and aborigines, united by the love for this country. Our flag should reflect all of that.

The Elements.

Based on as little alteration to the current flag as possible and with the British flag removed, the new Australian flag enhances the significance of the Southern Cross by moving it forward to the key position. Its seven pointed base star is fitted to the exact location of the seven pointed Federation Star. Thus both the existing Australian elements of the old flag are retained in one historically significant entity. However having just the Southern Cross as the flag of Australia is merely saying we live in the Southern Hemisphere. Our flag must be an unambiguous symbol of national identity.