Mr ACCIDENT is a satirical, romantic rocket ride through the lives of a bunch of losers hurtling into the chaos that is contemporary life. It's a circus of cool catastrophes underpinned by a moral tale about the downside of addiction and corporate globalisation. It's a trip!

Architect Joern Utzon was aesthetically influenced by both the Australian obsession of building Big Things for no apparent reason and his own simple taste for eggs. Inspired by a breakfast of boiled eggs near the site of "the toaster"on Sydney harbour one morning, Utzon was compelled to build the next big thing for Australia. But then tragedy struck as it always does when politicians use art as a political football. In 1966 the conservative Liberal government of NSW fired the greatest architect of the 20th century, Joern Utzon and got some ratbag from the public works to finish off the building. The true vision remained but a dream until, required as the centrepiece of the Yahoo Serious motion picture Mr Accident, Joern Utzon's architectural masterpiece, the Sydney Egg-Opera House was finally finished in 2000 to his original specifications. Up to then generations of Australians and international visitors to the greatest building ever constructed could only stand and gaze upon Utzon's elegant curves imagining what magnificence their completion would mean.


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